Channel letters

Channel letters are letters or logos that stand separately as advertising material on the exterior façades of buildings. During the day, 3d letters are clearly visible and during dark hours high visibility is also guaranteed when properly illuminated.

During the 20 years of activity, we have produced letters using more than 300 fonts and come across all kinds of unexpected situations. Sometimes, technical requirements might restrict artistic freedom, but we can use our know-how to advise you on obtaining an appropriate result.


Channel letters are the most frequently used form of illuminated advertising after illuminated boxes and are most often used for displaying a company logo on building roofs or façades. Channel letters can ideally be used when the logo has no specific background colour; in this case, every letter with the logo element can be made to shine against the background of the building or the sky.

Channel letters differ from illuminated boxes in that letters can be illuminated to the back which gives a wider range of solutions. The best solution results in cooperation with experienced designers and architects – together they can offer the best ideas considering the shape of the logo and building tonality.


The most significant influence on price is the size of the logo characterized also by the number of letters. This influences material and work hours required. The next aspect is choice of profile, although this is of much less significance.

Always consider the cost of transportation and installation (and make sure whether it is a part of the offer). It is of great importance if the logo is at ladder height or on the level of the 14th floor.