Channel letters

Channel letters are letters or logos that stand separately as advertising material on the exterior façades of buildings. During the day, 3d letters are clearly visible and during dark hours high visibility is also guaranteed when properly illuminated.

Illuminated boxes

Illuminated boxes are illuminated advertisements which are lit in one piece. Illuminated boxes can be used to make small eye-catching advertisements as well as very large solutions that can be attached to the walls of shopping centres.

We have produced illuminated boxes more than 20 years of activity and come across all kinds of unexpected situations. Sometimes, technical requirements might restrict artistic freedom, but we can use our know-how to advise you on obtaining an appropriate result.

Advertising pylons

The front surfaces of advertising pylons can be curved or straight. The logic for letters or logos is exactly the same as for illuminated boxes. In case of shorter logos and words, projected channel letters can be used, longer texts and more complicated logos require aluminium cut solutions. Often, the same pylon uses a combination of L1 and L10 solutions.


Portals emphasise the entrance opening to shops or other rooms. Using easily noticeable tones, especially in combination with channel letters portals make every entrance way clearly visible. Such solutions are often used for campaigns for increased noticeability. Can be used in interior and exterior conditions.

Advertising labels

Labels for doors, shop windows, vehicles, façades, (glass) dividing walls.

We produce different types of labels that can be attached to different surfaces as advertising or information. Labels for glass dividing walls are very common, but we have also made labels for concrete which is very porous and usually a very uncomfortable base material.

Labels can be made from materials with very different characteristics, according to needs. Sometimes glossier materials are better and sometimes less glossy is preferred.

If you want a solution for your car or other vehicle, see here – wrapping cars.

Advertising banners

Advertising banners are frequently used for presenting information on the façades of residential or office buildings as well as on fences of construction sites. The designer has no restrictions on how information is placed on the banner.

The size of the banner determines which fabric produces the best result.

Banners are prepared by printing or using clip film.

Wrapping vehicles

We provide different solutions for full or partial wrapping of cars. Can be used for adding logos or advertising texts or covering the entire vehicle with identifying colours. A wide choice of colours is available. Wrapping is perfect for protecting the car’s proper colour against small scratches.

We have a long-term experience in wrapping cars, trucks, trains and other means of transport.